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Island name Obudai (Hajogyari)-sziget
Prefix 109
Region reference DU-002
Continent Europe
Latitude 47° 33' 5'' N
Longitude 19° 3' 4'' E
More info This is the place of a big summer festival in every August in Budapest. You can find here nature, but expensive restaurants and pubs too. You can reach this island via bridge too from Kaszásd?l?.
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idhave confirmationstationdate
1 14DX181 Marc 109AT777/DU-002 25.10.2014
2 161EX015 Jurek 109AT777/DU-002 25.10.2014
3 3DA012 Roger 109AT777/DU-002 25.10.2014
4 26DX047 Darran 109AT777/DU-002 06.06.2015